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Partners Can Get Credit Cards Again Thanks to New Rule

Gay marriage is not legal everywhere but here is one cool loophole or way to get extra credit and card bonuses for you and your partner who live in the same household.

The CARD Act caused some problems when it came online and previously required banks to evaluate borrowers based on their own income instead of household income or income from others. This meant that stay-at-home partners, Graduate students with student loans – or anyone who relied on someone else for their income – were having trouble getting their own credit cards and the sign-up bonus and perks that come along with credit cards. A new rule from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has amended the CARD Act so now partners living in the same household can apply for credit cards once again.

The CFPB new rule says that banks can consider any “income or assets to which consumers have a reasonable expectation of access.” Keep in mind this is only for people over 21 years old.

If you’re a stay-at-home partner with a joint checking account or investment account you can now list these accounts in the application as an asset because you have access the funds in the accounts. Or you can list the portion of income from your wage-earning partner’s account, which you can use to pay back your debts. You could even list your partner’s entire income with this new rule.
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Free Pope Francis sticker

It’s been awhile since we had a Pope to have “hope” in and as much as that rhymes we were definitely glad to see him takeover the cover of Time and the Advocate magazines as Person of the Year.  How about a freebie to celebrate with a Free Pope Francis Sticker.  Get it here!  The sticker is free while supplies last!

Winners and Losers of Marijuana Legalization

The fight to legalize marijuana for recreational use in the United States is finally getting closer and closer to it’s tipping point. Bill Maher claims this is the new ‘Gay Marriage’ issue although we are still fighting for gay rights. Most Americans are starting to agree that we should not only have our civil rights but freedoms to grow any plant we want to use for at least medical purposes. A recent Gallup poll found a solid majority of Americans in favor of legalizing the drug and The Department of Justice recently said it won’t interfere with Colorado and Washington.

We have the Republican President Nixon to thank on declaring a War on Drugs but that may be coming to an end soon. This makes way for a lucrative business opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs. This could also make way for a huge tourism industry.

Legal marijuana is a $1.4 billion industry and is one of the most rapidly expanding markets in the United States. Arcview Market Research predicted the industry has the potential to reach over $10 billion within five years and experience growth outpacing that of smartphones in a recent study.

This would be a major economic change in the United States and has the potential to disrupt many long-standing industries.

Who will profit and be the winners in Pot Legalization?
Marijuana sellers
The most obvious profit center from the legalization of marijuana is the cultivation and sale of the plant to consumers. Since pot is currently outlawed at the federal level, it’s difficult for economists to pin an exact figure on the size of the black market. However, Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron has estimated the overall size of the marijuana economy, which includes both illicit sales and legal ones made in the 21 states (including Washington, D.C.) that allow medical marijuana, at around $20 billion per year with the majority share going into the black market. A 2006 study out of George Mason University put annual domestic cultivation at somewhere in the neighborhood of 22 million pounds. Read the rest of this entry »

Free Americans for Obamacare sticker

Free Americans for Obamacare sticker by clicking over to this organizations page, you’ll get an email confirmation once it is submitted.

Pasta Brands That Support LGBT Equality

When asked Wednesday evening on an Italian radio show if he would consider using a same-sex couple in an advertisement, Barilla Chairman Guido Barilla responded that he believes LGBT-headed households do not reflect a “classic family where the woman plays a fundamental role.” The homophobe then went on to challege the LGBT community, saying, “If gays don’t like it, they can go eat another brand.”

Consumers have the power to vote with their dollar and send a message to companies that practice corporate social responsibility. Barilla pasta does not come out as one that agrees with equal rights for everyone. We have found some other pasta companies that will help you with your carb cravings tonight. A few included are from the HRC’s list and we have added our favorites on top-

Whole Foods 365 brand and Walmart has the Good Value brand with whole wheat elbow pasta. There are also tons of great pasta at Whole Foods including Vita Spelt and De Boles. Maybe even ones sold at Trader Joes or Target below. Although I am not too fond of Target lately after their political donations to extremists on the right. Basically if you pick any pasta that is not from Barilla or Eden you should be fine as long as it is healthy and not bleached pasta with no nutrients.
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Keith Olbermann mocks Putin and the IOC in Sochi Olympics Rant

Keith Olbermann opened his ESPN show last night with a rant against Russia’s anti-gay laws and the International Olympic Committee’s (IAC) response to calls for a boycott of the Winter Games in Sochi. Great commentary from one of our favorite former MSNBC hosts Keith Olbermann who says even the Pope could be arrested in Russia after these new anti-gay laws passed. The irony though with the Coca-Cola ad in the background during this rant and that is one of the brands we should be banning not just because of the high fructose fake sugar alternative but because they have not pulled out of sponsoring the Olympics in Russia.

Olbermann’s speech didn’t stop at mocking the amount of backpedaling currently being performed by groups with a financial interest in the 2014 Olympics. He also highlighted the similarities of the political climate surrounding the upcoming Winter Games regarding LGBT people and attitudes against other groups of people during the 1936 Olympics held in Berlin.
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The Gay Marriage Tax Problem with the IRS

We were all celebrating during the Supreme Court’s June 26 ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act here at QueerCents because the government’s refusal to recognize same-sex marriages meant gay couples were denied more than 1,000 federal benefits that straight couples enjoy. The tax benefits should be reason enough for us to have equal rights and why shouldn’t we since we pay in the same amount in taxes. Although, Now that the justices have struck down DOMA we can look forward to equality under U.S. tax laws but only as soon as the Internal Revenue Service can figure out how to make equality happen. The IRS is struggling right now to do this. The tax agency has promised to “move swiftly” to recognize gay unions, but for many couples it won’t be as simple as checking the “married” box on their 1040 according to an article from BusinessWeek.

The IRS, which usually follows states’ definitions of marriage, must find a way to give gay couples nationwide equal treatment.

Free Shot glasses

Free shots may be something you get at the bar but this hard liquor bottler is giving away a shot glass to measure your shots and make sure you don’t over pour. Just kidding on the over pouring. You just have to answer questions about your thoughts on Big House Bourbon.

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New App Lets You Boycott Koch Brothers And Buycott LGBTQ Rights By Scanning Barcodes

This is a must have APP for shopping smart when it comes to just about anything we stand for as LTGBTQ people. This app helps us with detecting which barcodes belong to HRC rated friendly companies and those who stand for marriage equality. This APP also servers another purpose of helping us find out which products via a quick scan belong to Koch brothers or Monsanto. Something that is always good to know because normally if it has to do with one of those it means bad news all around!

Buycott is still working on adding new data to its back end and fine-tuning its information on corporate ownership structures. Most companies in the current database actually own more brands than Buycott has on record. The developers are asking shoppers to help improve their technology by inputting names of products they scan that the app doesn’t already recognize.

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