Our purchase of a front-loading washing machine apparently requires “high efficiency” laundry soap. A trip to our “formerly favorite but very close grocery store” turned up no fragrance free options, so being fans of the usual (former?) Tide smell, we decided to try Tide High Efficiency laundry liquid.

Holy crap. This stuff stunk to high heaven. We don’t have chemical sensitivities but being bowled over when you open your drawer and feeling like you need to sneeze because you’ve just put on a bra was beyond the pale. It was so bad we couldn’t even just suck it up and deal. And this stuff is more expensive than regular laundry soap! Back to the grocery store it went and we received the full refund. We also expressed a strong desire for a fragrance free option (which are never truly fragrance free, but are always in the realm of “not offensive”).

It turns out Sears has it’s own brand of dye and fragrance free high efficiency compatible soap that looks cheaper too. So we’ll be trying that next.

The moral of the story is if you try a product and don’t like it…demand your money back.

Incidentally, the refund was in cash but we purchased the item using our new Citi Dividend card, so I think we netted 35c πŸ˜‰