“I write entirely to find out what I’m thinking, what I’m looking at, what I see and what it means. What I want and what I fear.” — Joan Didion

Queercents is pleased to introduce three new contributing writers to our LGBT personal finance family: Allison Einbinder, Audrey Dundee Hannah and Peter Piatkowski.

Allison Einbinder is a tax preparer and accountant in private practice in Oakland, CA. She specializes in helping new business owners and young businesses establish solid financial systems. In short, she is a real brain and the only one on this site actually qualified to give financial advice. But we won’t hold that against her. Her tone is non-judgmental and she writes in a hands-on, practical way about tax solutions, financials savings and how people can develop better relationships with their money.

Audrey Dundee Hannah is self-employed and hired to act, do voiceovers, model, design, sew, write, teach, cook, pet-sit, give massage, and read astrology charts. What does this have to do with money? Well… with such changeable income, she searches far and wide to make sure she can glam up in beehives and platforms or paste on a mustache and hit the town without giving up all the contents of her Hello Kitty wallet. She’s one part comedian, two part rock star, and writes in a witty and at times snarky tone that is sure to entice those of us that are “checkbook-balancing” challenged to stick around and ponder the world of money. Audrey resides in San Francisco but she’s saving up to rule the world!

And finally, what does a queer site need to be truly queer and not just lesbian? One hot, young guy! Peter Piatkowski comes to us from Chicago, but his perspective on money expands beyond life in Boystown. Peter has many writing credits to his name and has written for various publications. With regards to finances, he strives to find a healthy balance between responsibility and enjoyment — a difficult balance to achieve, especially with student loans looming overhead as a postgrad. He has a fresh perspective on money and we look forward to his thoughtful posts.

So we welcome them to the Queercents fold and hope you will too by showering them with reader comments.