Queer Eye

Welcome to this week’s Festival of Frugality. We’re calling it… Queer Eye for the Frugal Guy by offering readers a few hip tips that will make you sound smart, look great, and live fab. That’s fab as in f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s frugality!

Hip “Fashion” Tips:
Bling on a Shoestring Jewelry gives us New Clothes for $5 or Less. We all could use a little fashion sense without spending big bucks! Find out if there is a store near you.

How to be a Budget Fashionista is reviewed by Amanda at Young and Broke. Read the book and you’ll be scoring deals on Prada in no time!

Hip “Grooming” Tips:
Is Expensive Skincare Worth the Money comes from The Bargain Queen. What kind of question is this?? Of course, it’s worth the money. There’s always a price for beauty. Check out this post and see if The Bargain Queen agrees.

Hip “Food & Wine” Tips:
Typically, we would never endorse eating donuts (bad for the figure), but if you’re going to eat them then you might as well eat them for free. Free Money Finance explains How to Get Free Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.

Of course we love anything vegetarian. Penny Nickel at Money and Values brings us Eating Less or No Meat: A Frugal Choice and So Much More.

Eating Out Cheap with the Kids comes to us from Stephanie at Stop the Ride! Restaurants do not need to be the budget breaker. Learn a few tips here.

Hip “Culture” Tips:
Chuck at The Finance Journey gives us Saving Money On Phone Service. The gift of gab shouldn’t break the bank.

Don’t Mess With Taxes says So Long to Sunday Coupons. You might find a few coupons worth printing if you check out the coupon Web sites.

However, hardcore couponers resort to other means. Jim at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity explains How To Be A Hardcore Couponer.

If you still need more reasons to clip coupons, now there is an entire month devoted to it. Jeffrey at Personal Finance Advice tells us about it at National Coupon Month.

Getting Out of Debt tells us about Target Credit Cards: Money for the School of Your Choice. Educating your child takes money, so take advantage of this great program from Target.

Frugal Wisdom from Wenchypoo’s Warehouse
talks about “people bling” and “excess” at The Once and Future Dream.

The Cheap Chap tells us about the Big Lots of Savings and why it’s worth the trip.

Do those who have “made it” spend differently? Debt Free asked the question: Do the Rich Really Spend on Benzes and Private Jets?

Frugal Duchess gives us Strategies for Cutting Cable Bills. It’s possible to short circuit the cable monopoly in your region and get a better deal from your cable operator.

Hip “Interior Design” Tips
How to be Your Own Bank comes to us from Bryan C. Fleming. Learn how easy it is to save $1 a day.

Tracy at Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise gives us Ways To Sell Your Junk.

A good way to make a side income on a shoestring is to buy things to re-sell. Mighty Bargain Hunter gives us Thrift Store Finds this Weekend.

On the subject of cheap goods, Reformed Cynic says Thank You for Shopping Stupid Spoiled Brat Mart.

Fivecentnickel.com discusses major electricity-saving projects in the post about Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb Changeover Complete.

A frugal Labor Day project called a Tile Vanity For Pocket Change brought to us by Rebecca at The Space Between My Peers.

Next week, the Festival of Frugality heads on over to Get Rich Slowly. To learn more about the Festival, check out Blueprint for Financial Prosperity.