This week I get to do my first What Would You Do series, and I seriously want to know: What would you do if your job were getting in the way of your fitness?

PrecorOne of my cases at work is steamrolling towards a trial in March. The 12-hour days and work on the weekends is great for my wallet because of the overtime pay. That money will pay for the new furniture Zac and I need because of our recent move. On the other hand, the increased workload is a horrible thing for my waistline. Or at least, so I worry.

Aside from the obvious health benefits, many wonderful things in my life can be credited to my physical fitness, one of which includes keeping my cool on the job by burning off work-related steam at the gym. However, it has taken me years to get in the habit of eating healthy and sticking to a gym routine on a schedule I can manage. My fitness has been hard earned, but I’m starting to worry it’s at risk.

Work demands are forcing me to take public transportation instead of doing my usual (and meditative) 2.7-mile walk to and from work. I now go out to eat more often than I want instead of cooking healthier options at home. Dust is collecting on my gym bag. I also have less time to run errands, do my share of the chores, rest, regroup, or even see friends (Hey guys, I miss you!). Sleep is starting to become a forgone luxury to me.

Physical fitness takes time and dedication. I’m starting to wonder, with so much going on, should I just relax and throw in a workout whenever I can during this crunch period? Or considering how important fitness is to me, should I find some way to cut back on work? Perhaps there are some other timesaving things I can do to that will carve out more room for heading to the gym.

My search for helpful tips on the internet didn’t quite provide sufficient information that addresses the lifestyles of the uber-busy and religiously fit. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there in this situation. How do you cope?