Erin HamiltonAll my friends know that I’m like a gay man when it comes to dance music and my love of the remix! So when I was serendipitously introduced to Erin Hamilton I jumped at the chance to interview her. Erin was a fixture on many circuit party stages of the late 90’s and it’s likely that you have danced to her music. If you haven’t, then you’re not really queer in my opinion. Of course, others might recognize her as Carol Burnett’s daughter. This is a yummy interview… one of my favorites… I’m giddy… and yeah, she has plenty to say about money. Enjoy!

1. Gay men know you for your hits on the dance charts, lesbians know you for your encounters with women, and straight people probably know you as Carol Burnett’s daughter. Is there a price attached to labels?
Gay men know me from the dance floor… but really they also LOVE my mom too!!! And on the stage, I used to wear Boas and GREAT shoes… so I think they fell in love with that as well! LOL. I love my audience… the best I could have asked for. The women? Well… I love the women too. For me, as I have said in previous interviews, it’s about the person. And I had fallen for a few wonderful women in my day. For the rest of the world… knowing me as Carol Burnett’s daughter is pretty cool. My mom is my hero. As far as labels go… it’s not so bad being attached to someone as wonderful as my mother. It has made SOME things more difficult. But, in the long run, it is WHO I am, and I am proud to be her daughter.

2. What is your most significant memory about money?
I think the most significant memory is having and then losing everything. It’s important to stay grateful.

3. What is your worst habit around finances?
Oh, I have so many bad habits… BUT, I am working hard at trying to break them. I guess saving! I have two children… and I spend all my money on them. And I have to SAVE for myself… and it is very difficult. I used to just withdrawal money from the ATM until it wouldn’t give me any more money… LOL! But, now, I know what’s in there.

Dream Weaver4. You grew up surrounded by the rich and famous how did that experience influence the way you feel about money?
Goodness… I feel like I’m in therapy. Well, growing up that way really was a blessing. However, I now “think” money should just be available ANYtime I need it. And that’s not my reality. I am struggling to find the balance. It has only been in the last few years that I am learning about budgeting, and hard work. Money DOESN’T grow on trees.

5. If you could buy one thing right now what would it be?
That’s an easy one… a HOUSE… to raise my kids in. Right now I live in a small 2 bedroom apt. in Korea town (in Los Angeles). And I would really love to be in a residential area where my kids could play outside, and feel safe.

6. What did your mother teach you about money?
My mom is STILL teaching me about money… poor woman. She was brought up with nothing… and became successful. I guess that’s part of the lesson she is so desperately trying to teach me.

7. As a singer, is there truth to the saying, “Do what you love and the money will follow?”
I certainly hope so!! I was pretty fortunate when my record hit.

8. How has money played a role in your romantic relationships?
OH DEAR!! I think I supported every relationship I have had. And I won’t be doing that anymore. I would love to find a nice balance between money and romance.

9. What is the most important lesson you hope to teach your son, Zachary about money?
Zack get’s an allowance. He has been pretty good about saving for the things he wants. It’s hard though, because I want both my kids to have everything. But, it’s not always possible. He is learning patience, and the value of his dollar. My other son Dylan, is only 5 months old… so he gets what he needs always!

10. Does money buy happiness?

Money buys THINGS. THINGS can make a person happy… but, they are just THINGS. So, I’m not sure! I think my life would be easier with an endless supply of money… but, what really makes me happy is to see my children laugh, and smile. I live pretty simply… and I am pretty happy.

More about Erin Hamilton
In 1998, singer Erin Hamilton released her debut single, a dance-pop cover of Dream Weaver. Soon after, her album One World followed. All her music can be found at her MySpace page.

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