Julie Goldman 2Julie Goldman is funny! She’s a comedian and cast member of The Big Gay Sketch Show that recently premiered on Logo. Julie has been paying the rent for years by doing stand-up and I’m betting that gay sketch is gonna be the big break that leads to mounds of moolah! In the meantime, Julie opened up about work, managing cash flow and her hilarious respect for the almighty dollar!

1. As an actor and comedian, is there truth to the saying, “Do what you love and the money will follow?”
IF they mean by money – a horrible struggle with which sometimes the money follows you, and sometimes it follows someone else while laughing at you and showing you its ass. Then sure. I have found doing what I love has lead me to lead an unstable and in the last 15 years uncomfortable existence with money. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not. And I am allows following it, chasing it, owing it, borrowing it, and never ever saving it. However, I wouldn’t do anything else. It’s a trade. DO what you love and the money MIGHT SOMETIMES OCCASIONALLY follow.

2. What is your most significant memory about money?
Trying to remember when the last time I had some? — I guess the most significant memory was the first time I got paid for stand up comedy. Very exciting. It was 25 bucks I think. And that was it, I was like HELL YEAH, this is really a job.

3. What is your worst habit around finances?
I can’t save, because I am always trying to keep up with the bills and the debt, and constantly chasing money to pay something off somewhere.

4. Do you think The Big Gay Sketch Show will be your big financial break?
Cast Members For the love of all that is good in this world, I hope so. It’s not at the moment, but I think if it keeps going, the show which is certainly the most I have ever been paid for performing / writing, will lead to other things, so in some way it’s a gateway I hope. We only work on the show for about 3 months at a time, so it’s not consistent. But it’s still great. We hope it leads to more stand-up, more TV. More money.

5. Do you want children? Since those little buggers require food & shelter, how does money impact these plans?
I would like childrens. But both me and my lady want to have money before we have children, so I don’t know how that will play out. I think in about 3-5 years. She’ll have a real job soon, so we should be ok.

6. What was the most miserable “service” job you ever did to subsidize your income?
I have had so many jobs. I tried to work for MASSPIRG an org. that raises money for environmental issues in Massachusetts. I lasted 3 hours. Telemarketing is possibly the most miserable thing I have ever done. I literally went outside for a cigarette and never came back. Anything food related is also a nightmarish hell to me. I worked at a juice counter and after a few months, people would want you know, Beet Carrot orange juice, and it would just make me angry.

7. Do you and your wife, Nikola, see eye-to-eye on money?
We do for the most part. She is way more organized than I am, and I tend to spend more. Many gals like to buy Expensive shoes, and clothes, I get frivolous with money round sneakers and comic books. It’s a sickness. But we pretty much do, she’s also in Graduate school, and so our debt has expanded beyond the atmosphere of the moon.

8. How many times have you done the Olivia Cruise gig? Are floating vacations worth the buck or is women’s week in Ptown the better value?
Hmmm, interesting question. I think…. are they worth the buck — Depends on what you like to do I guess. The cruises are a blast. But if you don’t like being on the sea, and confined then you m ay not like it. Basically being on a cruise is like being in a hotel for many hours at a time, till you get to the destinations. You relax, drink, eat, eat, eat, eat, watch shows, mingle, and eat. Then you go sight seeing or whatever, — so if you’re into that, then you’ll prefer the cruise. But if you want to be in control of your own vacation then Ptown, or any kind of vacation that YOU plan and YOU’re in charge of, is better for you. With that said, cruises are expensive. Ptown is probably less money. But depending on what you like, it’s worth it.

9. To parody the lesbian music scene, you created the folk-rock sensation, Indigo Etheridge. Now that Suze Orman has come out of the closet, do you have any plans to spoof financial advisors?
You know, I hadn’t thought about it, thank you for giving me the idea. If our show gets picked up for a 2nd season I’ll pitch it. I’ll start working on my Suze Orman. I have to find the perfect wig.

10. If you could buy one thing right now what would it be?

More about Julie Goldman
Julie Goldman is a comedian from NYC. You can see her on LOGO’s BIG GAY SKETCH SHOW, and on COMEDY CENTRAL’s LIVE AT GOTHAM. Julie performs all over the country and you can also catch her live performing with THE JAP SHOW, LAUGHING LIBERALLY and online in her new Web Series, Fabulous Tonight.

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