In the middle of this week, when I was taking my lunchtime walk around the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, I noticed that instead of gazing at all the brightly colored trees I was shoving my hands in my pockets and pushing against the wind. It’s barely December, but winter season spending has been on everyone’s mind this week:

  • JD is cold! But he’s dealing, and so are his commenters. There are lots of good ideas: I’m buying plastic-wrap window insulation this weekend. (Read it at Get Rich Slowly)
  • Dawn has a comprehensive list of smaller home-heating tips. (Read it at Frugal for Life)
  • Free Money Finance suggests that you respond to the dropping temperatures by buying an air conditioner. Obviously. (Read it at Free Money Finance)
  • Sarah is controlling her holiday spending by focusing on some Grandpa advice. Grandpa advice is always good advice–for example, my grandfather once told me that I’d have to make my own money because he didn’t think any rich men would want to marry me. (Read it at Wise Bread)
  • Julie recommends 25 gifts under $5, a lot of good stuff for friends and office acquaintances. (Read it at Wise Bread)
  • Sasha lists ways to incorporate charitable giving into your holiday gifts. (Read it at Consumerism Commentary)
  • In other news, a UCLA study estimates that Maryland could net over $3 million a year in tax gains by legalizing gay marriage. (Read it at Queerty)
  • And I am reminded why I’m just so excited that the holidays mean I get to spend a lot of time with my little sisters. Luckily, they don’t have glockenspiels. (Watch it at Tegan and Sara’s Myspace)

Queercents Rehash: WWYD: Never Buy Discount Gifts? This is something it had never occurred to me to worry about. Awesome. Thanks.