Due to a series of remarkable events this week, I have experienced possibly the first day in my life in which I was the only person in a room not hungover–instead of vice versa.  Turns out, that’s a refreshing feeling.  The PF blogosphere certainly helps: this week has been all about philosophical, analytical posts on foundational principles.

  •  Steve suggests we get rid of sentimental stuff. Favorite sentence: “If you have something that makes you sad, but you hang on to it because you feel it had some significance in your life, you aren’t doing yourself any favors.” Wait, what? Genius! (Read it at brip blap)
  • In a similar vein, Philip talks about spending less on stuff and more on experiences. (Read it at Wise Bread)
  • After posting about the value of education and the meaning of work this week, JD wraps it all up with a post about personal, professional and financial fulfillment. (Read it at Get Rich Slowly)
  • Commuting blows.  I like the Metro because time on public transit is still my time–I can read or write or do something else that makes me happy, instead of cussing at DC traffic. (Read it at Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge)
  • Trent has advice for coping with serious financial stress. I pay attention to financial planning because spending a little time putting together a plan helps me keep money off my mind–but what happens when there’s still leftover stress? (Read it at The Simple Dollar)

Queercents Rehash: Sleeping with Money: What Does Money Mean To You?: The question at the heart of personal finance.