William SleddWilliam Sledd is host of the “Ask a Gay Man” webisodes on Bravo’s OUTzoneTV.com. William’s weekly vlogs tackle thorny fashion and pop culture topics and offer witty and irreverent advice about fashion and style issues. He admits that “it just really bothers me when people look like crap.” I asked William to respond with the same fervor on how finances influence fashion. Enjoy!

1. What are three ways to have good style on budget?

  • H&M – I think it’s the most stylish place.
  • For girls, Bitten (Sarah Jessica Parker’s line) at Steve & Barry’s. I love everything she does.
  • Stay away from sales. It’s all the leftover stuff. If no one wants it, stay away. You can sometimes find good stuff in a sale, but a cheap price doesn’t mean it’ll be hot.

2. What is your most significant memory about money?
One of my friends gave me a dollar when I was 16, and I wrote William on it, and I still have it.

3. What is your worst habit around finances?
My disposable income. If I want it, I’ll buy it. I don’t think twice.

4. Does fame automatically equate to fortune?
No. It gets better, but not unless you’re at the Oprah level. It’s all right, but we’re not traveling on private planes. We’re hoping, but not yet.

5. What did your parents teach you about money?
They taught me nothing about money.

6. When it comes to clothes, should people have less but love what they have more? How does it mesh with our consumerism culture?
I think people should be smart about what they buy. Definitely invest in good basics because you can build your wardrobe around it. People should be more cautious about trendy items. It’s good to be cost-conscious when it comes to trendy items because you can work them into your basics. The bottom line is to spend more money on good basics and less on trendy items you won’t wear that long.

7. How does money play a role in your life? Is debt a factor?
Money is quintessential to my living. I spent outrageous amounts on clothing and entertainment. I have a very disposable income. I still don’t have bills to pay. I spend money on expensive items that I love and cherish.

8. Do you still work at the GAP?
I do. I made $80 these last 2 weeks.

9. I read somewhere that your passion is dressing women. What are some typical fashion blunders made by lesbians? What are your suggestions for improvement?
Oversized boy jeans, oversized pants and flannel shirts. Those are the most common blunders. The lipstick lesbian usually does pretty well on her own; it’s the butch girls who have issues. Buying boys clothes alone scares me. Don’t buy boys clothes. Buy things that aren’t baggy and that fit you appropriately and have a feminine touch. They don’t have to throw on lipstick and heels, but they don’t have to look like me.

10. Money can buy a lot of clothes and accessories, but can it buy happiness?
I do believe money can buy happiness. Who’s not happy when you’re loaded? More money, more problems, true, but you have a much better time.

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William Sledd is host of the “Ask a Gay Man” webisodes on Bravo’s OUTzoneTV.com. The series centers on fashion where he explains the latest trends and occasionally goes on location to point out fashion “don’ts” as part of his Fashion Victim editions.

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