I’m a big fan of Gen Y career guru Penelope Trunk. One of her usual theses is, basically, that your job (and, by extension, your money) can’t make you happy, but they can make you unhappy, so you’d best get them in order if you want to focus on the things that will make you happy.  It’s really compelling–I’ve been mulling over the issue of job satisfaction a lot lately, mostly because I’ve been watching a few friends struggle for a lot of different reasons and also because I’ve been really happy in mine.  Though I’m less sure about her visions of the workplace of the future–a loosely organized, freelance-and-consultant-based network–I do notice that model in greater and lesser ways around me.  So, I don’t know if it’s because career has been on my mind or if it really did pop up a bunch this week, but there’s definitely buzz in the blogosphere about the ideal model for job satisfaction.

  • AJ analyzes his planned job-hop and one of Penelope Trunk’s columns. (Read it at The Guppie Life)
  • For those thinking of making a similar move, the awesome Starting Out column has some advice on job-hunting while you’re still employed. (Read it at Kiplinger)
  • For those who believe in the model of job stability from planned, project-based job-jumping, Steve–who leads this type of career–is beginning a series about how to manage it successfully. (Read it at brip blap)
  • Yeah, in absolutely no world does spending my twenties working eighty hours a week sound satisfying, or like a good definition of success. (Read it at The Honest Dollar)
  • In other news, JD is not a chain-smoking lush.  Okay, I mostly just wanted to lead with that sentence. (Read it at Get Rich Slowly)
  • Mrs. Micah makes fun of a dumb person.  Ha ha.  Actually, she’s really nice about it.  Which, in true elementary school fashion, makes it even more cutting.  I love it! (Read it at Finance for a Freelance Life)
  • If they scrap the tax rebates and instead throw a nationwide $150 billion economic stimulus party, I promise I will never, ever joke about moving to Canada again.  Seriously.  (Read it at Punny Money)
  • I’m so hooked on these money confessions. (Read it at Geezeo)
  • Hey, it’s been a while since I’ve offered your Tegan and Sara Moment of Zen. So here’s a thought: “I want Lindsay Lohan, but I’m not going to create a whole myspace page about it.” (Read it at Out in Perth)

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