Many taxpayers file their returns the old fashioned way, paper copies via the mail. In fact, 43% of people choose this route. While there are other options, something just feels great about putting postage on your return and dropping it in a mailbox.

This year the IRS is warning taxpayers to check the mailing address for their returns carefully. The mailing addresses have changed for several states. If you are filing a paper return (with or without a payment) check the address carefully. The nearest filing center may not be in your home state–it may be in a neighboring state.

The seven affected states are Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Pay close attention to avoid being subject to late filing penalties. Use the following addresses:

Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma and Wisconsin:
Internal Revenue Service
Fresno, California 93888

Internal Revenue Service
Austin, Texas 73301

Pennsylvania and West Virginia:
Internal Revenue Service
Kansas City, Missouri 64999

Don’t worry, you don’t need to include a building number or street name. Simply the city, state and zip code will suffice.

If you received a booklet from the IRS containing mailing labels, use them! They will be correct. If you are printing your forms from the internet or picking them up from your local post office, refer to the back page of the instructions for your accurate mailing addresses.

Be sure to check the amount of postage your return requires. Envelopes over one ounce and large envelopes require additional postage. E-file to avoid these potential pitfalls all together.

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