Kelly McGillis“How pleasant is the day when we give up striving to be young — or slender.” – William James

Last week, as we were watching episode 7 of The L Word, Jeanine tried to convince me that the by-the-book military attorney prosecuting Tasha’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” case was played by Kelly McGillis. I wasn’t buying it and indicated that the fiftyish-looking actor on screen could not possibly be the Top Gun incarnate. We missed the beginning credits with its listing of guest stars. Jeanine was so confident that she was right she bet a million bucks. A million bucks!? Her challenge, “I know my 80’s lesbian icons.”

I think the icon part was reference to urban legend and Jodi Foster on the set of The Accused. Wasn’t Whitney Houston part of that love triangle too?

Regardless, I lost the bet. does a splendid job posting weekly recaps:

Oh, yum, it’s Kelly McGillis. She’s playing Colonel Gillian Davis, a golf-loving, single-malt–sipping prosecutor on loan from the National Guard — sort of a mashup of her characters in Top Gun and The Accused. She meets Captain Beech and practically licks her chops…

The photo was snatched from over there too… just giving credit where credit is due. Besides, I needed a visual to show why I’d be willing to gamble assets on an aging 80’s starlet. It was just yesterday that she was young, vibrant and cruising Tom Cruise. Or was it? Who knew twenty years could pass so quickly!

But time is cruel and retirement sneaks up on the best of us. Kelly McGillis is living proof. Here’s a refresh on making sure you have a plan in place:

And just for fun: there’s still hope with a few beauty investments. Catch the ongoing Femme Economics series here!

Now back to The L Word and episode 8. We’ll catch Kelly McGillis on demand at some point this week!