This weekend, I have an out-of-town friend visiting and I’m so excited.  Besides that it’s great to see her, this trip kicks off a spring of visits and travel.  I get to see a bunch of my friends, the weather’s going to get warmer… it’s just raining today and I’m sure it will be cold all month, but today feels like the beginning of spring.

  • This is an interesting review of some of the traits of middle-class millionaires–although I share Jonathan’s concerns with the study. (Read it at My Money Blog)
  • After JD’s mail was stolen, he looked into how to prevent identity theft. (Read it at Get Rich Slowly)
  • From his new series on personal finance basics, Clever Dude breaks down job search etiquette. (Read it at Clever Dude)
  • I know, I just know, that Steve didn’t just make a sexyback joke.  I mean, the article is also really interesting for its perspective on the importance of cash.  But, whatever. He totally went there. (Read it at brip blap)
  • I’m a big proponent of eating whole, simple food–Lazy Man looks at whether prepackaged food really saves or drains money. (Read it at Prosper)
  • Finally, Mrs. Micah writes about the DivaCup!  They are the best thing ever, y’all–financially, environmentally, healthfully, logically…. (Read it at Finance for a Freelance Life)

Queercents Rehash: Inexpensive Regional Travel Options: Although, of course, this spring we’re all flying everywhere…