I know this may not be a popular post, based on the fact that a lot of people tend to hate State Farm(and most Insurance companies) due to their Katrina handlings. However, I have had to file two separate claims and have had good luck with both.

I think most of the animosity towards State Farm is due to the fact that they tend to have the largest market share in their areas that they cover. When you have more customers and a disaster hits, you have more people going through the recovery process. This, obviously, results in more people going through the process and more opportunity for things to go wrong.

As I mentioned, I’ve gone through the process twice while living in Indiana. I think it is important to have a good, personal, relationship with your Insurance agent. You want someone else to have an interest in your claim. If your agent considers you a friend, they will try to help you where they can. Fire an agent that you don’t get along with, and be sure to interview your next one.

Our first claim was due to a hail storm that hit Indianapolis, the week after we moved. This was a declared disaster and many people had their claim denied. However, the vast majority of the houses in Indianapolis got new roofs from the storm.

Our second, more recent claim, was just a few weeks ago. If you remember, we have recently renovated a property that we intended to be a vacation home. The neighbor allowed his homophobic colors to shine and we decided to sell. In the selling process, Jason and I had finally staged the property, fixed the loose ends, and were ready to list when, the night before, we received a phone call. The call was from the local water company informing us that they had turned the water off. They mentioned that 71,000 gallons of water had gone through our system and they suspected a leak. 71,000 gallons of water is the equivalent of 6 in ground swimming pools, that’s a lot of water. We had two property showings scheduled the next day that we had to cancel.

I immediately called State Farm to begin the claim process. I informed them that I was hoping to sell the property and that I was nervous to miss the spring selling season. They quickly filed the claim, found a cleaning company, and located a building contractor.

While we are still in the repair phase, it has only been 2 weeks and the place is coming along, we have our recovery check, and have been very satisfied. Let’s hope this continues to be a good experience.

I think State Farm has a bad reputation. However, I think it is just due to their size. Agree with me, or disagree with me. Let’s hear your Insurance stories…good or bad.