Drug Free Zone“See everything; overlook a great deal; correct a little.” – Pope John XXIII

Not too long ago, I noticed a drug deal going down at my gym. The alleged drug dealer is a club member who happens to be at the gym every time I set foot inside the building. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is… he’s there. Six o’clock in the morning… he’s there. Lunchtime… he’s there. 7:00 PM on a Tuesday night as I head into yoga class… he’s there.

Although he looks fit, you would think he’d be Mr. Universe with the amount of time he’s there. Then one day it all made sense. As he was pedaling on the stationary bike, I saw him peddle something to a young woman as she passed behind him. Nonchalantly, he slipped her something… something small in the palm of his hand and she just kept on walking by. It happened so quickly and with such dealer technique, that for a moment I wondered if I had really seen what I saw.

The gym is his office and gym members are his clients. He has quite the gig. It’s a thriving business as he profits from the illegal activities of the partying kind. It has nothing to do with me. Or does it?

At first, I looked away. Then for a moment I thought about reporting him to the manager until I thought about it some more and wondered if the GM was getting a cut… either in product or profits and decided that maybe he wouldn’t be the best person to complain to about wanting a drug free zone at the gym.

Over time, I found myself formulating self-righteous thoughts as I did my forty on the treadmill. But as many times as I fantasized about the Newport Beach police hauling his ass off to jail, there are equal moments spent wondering if he has made his quota for the day and can go home.

After all, he’s just trying to make a buck like most working folks. So why do I feel compelled to be the guardian of public accountability. Isn’t that why we have people like Ralph Nadar or Michael Moore? Who died and made me the gym rat?

At its simplest form, this makes me a whistleblower. Or possibly anti-capitalist.

So what is the right thing to do? Say something or mind my own business. After all, does his business have anything to do with me? Let me know what you think below.