Andrew Makay at N2N BodywearAndrew Makay is the owner and designer of N2N Bodywear, a line of sensual underwear, swimwear, and bodywear for men. While the majority of new businesses shut down within the first few years of operation, Andrew has been successfully playing with spandex for over a decade. He’s a maverick and risk-taker making threads in Los Angeles. Read on to learn how fashion and finances intersect below.

1. What sort of financial risks did you take when you first started your business?
Text book mistakes. Invested everything I owned, investments, savings, credit cards etc… without knowing anything about anything! Actor turned designer/businessman… you do the math!

2. How does money play into style and personal expression?
I’d like to say money buys taste but all you have to do is look around this town to know it ain’t so. Money allows you to do whatever you didn’t do when you had no money! Buy what you want when you want it or spend it on whoever you want.

3. When most designers head oversees for production, how can you afford to make your garments in Los Angeles?
How can I afford not to when you see what is happening to this country because of out-sourcing and NAFTA. Being a quazi-political activist, I also like to be very hands on and close enough to my contractors so I can see the progress and status of goods at a moment’s notice.

4. What is your most significant memory about money?
Having won 1st place the title of “Mr. Brook” at a bar in Westport, CT. back in 1984. The prize was $600.00! Lots of money even for today.

5. What is your worst habit around finances?
I spend too much on strippers. Kidding. I don’t always balance my checkbook and sometimes I do like to spend… especially eating out!

6. How are you similar to your parents when it comes to money?
They think I spend too much on them… I kinda like it.

7. How does travel influence your designs? Do you consider this a business expense?
Whenever I get away I am always aware of fashions especially on the beach. Hell yes, it’s a business expense!

8. Does sex sell?
Um… did you see my site?

9. As a business owner, cite some challenges with learning how to manage cash flow?
I have a CFO, so I don’t pay attention to those details. Seriously, as your company grows, you make more money, you spend more money. It’s about making decisions that will result in profit, popularity, success, exposure etc… You can make choices at times that may not always be the best but hey, it’s about the big picture…

10. Gay affluence: myth or reality?
Depends on where you live. We in LA live in a hyper-reality. In most big cities I’d say yes. I think we just like nice things.

More about Andrew Makay
Having celebrated its 10th Anniversary in 2007, Andrew Makay of N2N Bodywear has evolved his swimwear and underwear line into, a fully functioning manufacturing and internet store based in the up-and-coming area of downtown Los Angeles. Makay is proud to contribute to the local economy by keeping his entire operation in LA and consciously makes a decision not to manufacture overseas.

Through its national popularity and international buzz, N2N Bodywear’s product line now offers an array of uniquely designed swimwear, underwear, erotic wear, lounge wear and athletic gear for the uninhibited and adventurous male. N2N Bodywear can be found at retail stores throughout the Americas, Asia and European Union and at

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