Plastic vs. Glass Baby BottlesHere are a few updates that might be useful to those of you who have been reading this column.

In a previous post, I expressed my angst about having purchased onesies from Steve and Barry that were made with child labor.

The good news is that you can go buy those Steve and Barry/Sarah Jessica Parker-inspired onesies that I told you about. According to this report, they do not rely on child labor. And they’ve lowered their prices! So snatch up some of those groovy green and purple stripey onesies I told you about with a clean conscience. And maybe pick up some of SJP’s latest designs for yourself, if you’re so inclined (her dresses are a bit too Desperate Housewivesy for me, but I did pick up some cute metallic ballerina flats and relived my high school bunhead days).

In another post, I talked about the potential hazards of BPA leaching from plastic baby bottles.

The bad news is that recent public health studies suggest that the BPA found in many plastic baby bottles is indeed carcinogenic, even in the trace amounts that leach from said bottles. I thought the Times’ coverage was the best; check it out.

So what are the alternatives? Glass bottles work really well. They’re eco-friendly, free of all plastics and chemicals, and are break-resistant. But we found that they’re too heavy (and breakable) to use when we’re on the go. So we invested in a few Born Free BPA-free bottles. They’re actually a better size for our one-year-old, ferociously independent daughter than Dr. Brown’s (which is also coming out with BPA-free bottles any day now); she was able to hold them herself, and use it like a sippy cup.

And here’s a tip: if you look online, you can only find them at exorbitant prices, because there’s been such a run on them in the past few days due to the press coverage of the recent studies. Whole Foods usually carries them, but they were sold out at both our local Lewd Moles (my lame cockneyizing of WF). So we sallied over to that den of credit card debt and plastic entertainment, Buy Buy Baby, and found them in stock, at reasonable prices. We only bought three; our daughter is eating actual food and water now, so she really only goes through three bottles, at most, per day. And we only bought the bottles; we brought a toy in for our daughter to play with while we shopped, so we wouldn’t be tempted by a baby-soothing impulse buy.

What other alternatives have you guys come up with? Other brands/bottles? Are there any other issues about which you’d like to see me update my coverage?