Robyn StreisandRobyn Streisand is the Principal Management Executive of The Mixx, a full service creative agency she founded in the heart of New York City in 1996. Robyn sees the big picture with unparalleled flair, creativity, enthusiasm, sensitivity and vision. It’s a trait that runs in the family… yes, she’s related to another well-known Streisand! Robyn’s intuition for balancing business and passion has been the key to The Mixx’s success. She opened up with us about growing her business and taking a few calculated risks to get it there. And of course, we tossed in a money question about Babs, just for the boys!

1. Why do so many business owners struggle with spending money on good design and branding?
Too many times they do not see the value/ROI of good design and the measurable effect on their corporate goals and sales dollar.

2. What sort of financial risks have you taken to grow your business?
I have carefully invested my own funds and those of the business in growing the business.

3. What is your most significant memory about money?
Learning the difference between spending money and investing money in people, equipment, space, etc.

4. I understand you began your career at Citibank. What did the financial services industry teach you about the psychology of consumers?
That people can be very emotional about how they spend their money, and they really do want help.

5. How has business changed in the decade since you started The Mixx?
Basic business skills and leadership are increasingly more important. In addition, talent acquisition, development and finding people with shared values of the culture are most important.

6. What did you learn from your father about money?
That he never gave me any….

7. The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) recently launched a new chapter in New York City. Why is this important for LGBT business owners?
NGLCC is key to the growth and development or LGBT business owners in order to provide a network of support, contacts, and the courage and confidence to go for it. Btw, I am the co-chair.

8. Can you get snag me a pair of those outrageously expensive concert tickets the next time Babs goes on tour?
Tickets depend upon quality and distribution of this interview — “we can tawk!”

9. Do you have a partner? How did money first come up in your relationship?
Yes, I have a wonderful and supportive partner. We share all important money decisions. It really is special for both of us to be business owners.

10. How do you like to spend your money on the weekends?
Clothes, Traveling, and Family.

More about Robyn Streisand
Robyn Streisand is the Principal Management Executive of The Mixx. Robyn created The Mixx in 1996 and has never looked back. In addition to her energy and insight, the company’s trademark is its strong relationships with clients. Twelve years later and full steam ahead, Robyn serves as principal, creative leader, sales and marketing director, coach, mentor, mom, and her team’s number one fan.

Robyn is an active member of NAWBO, Women in Communications, ART Directors Club, WBENC, and the NGLCC and is committed to the evolution and success of design and branding in the world. When not on her Blackberry or getting excited about an idea, Robyn is driving to New Jersey to spend time with her girlfriend, Linda, and their amazing family.

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