The 6th article of a series of articles.

Multiple Streams of Coins:

Brainstorm Multiple Streams of IncomeIn the twentieth century, people were raised to get a job with a good company and they were encouraged to work their way up the company ladder. Staying with one company showed a person’s loyalty and commitment in exchange for job security and benefits.

The twenty-first century has shown a different lifestyle than the century before it. Rarely do employees stay at the same corporation for extended periods of time and for several reasons: people get a five-year itch to change careers; or corporations get bought (or downsize) and employees get leave packages; or corporations just go bankrupt while stealing the employees’ hard earned savings (e.g., Enron in America).

With the onset of the Information Age—quick access to Internet data—people have had their time freed up, enabling them to work at home instead of at the office. This type of mobility and freedom has allowed—and motivated—people to seek secondary or multiple streams of income while simultaneously managing their day-to-day job.

For myself, I have several avenues to receiving money—book promoting, self-help workshops, and counseling—all of which represent what I love to do: advocating a healthy lifestyle. I feel very excited when the Universe validates my passion (of helping others be healthy) via checks that financially support me and WHAT I LOVE TO DO. This excitement is very rewarding as I get to experience self-satisfaction and self-empowerment.

While it may or may not take a while to set the foundation for your multiple streams of income, receiving money for what you enjoy doing is worth the wait. I hope by this point in my series you have at least given some thought to developing your own skill and talent by plugging your money into the upper chakras as previously discussed so as to financially polish your unique gift(s). Polishing your unique gift and getting it ready to market to the world puts abundance in your own hands. Trust me, there is a certain air of self-empowerment and self-satisfaction that comes with believing in yourself and in your talent and realizing it in the outer world. YOU NEED TO BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN MAKE YOUR DREAMS HAPPEN. YOU NEED TO TRUST THAT YOU WILL BE FINANCIALLY SUPPORTED WHILE YOU REALIZE YOUR DREAMS.

My goal for you is that you become self-sufficient in terms of generating your own streams of money. If you haven’t already, I want you to take time to now focus on your vocation or life purpose. I want you to define your true calling in regards to work.

Close your eyes. Sit still. Wait. Allow the answer to surface in your awareness. Give yourself permission to hear this inner calling as it arises from deep within your subconsciousness. The answer is certainly within you. It just needs to be heard by you. Whatever answer arises, don’t judge it. Listen to it. Feel it. . . . What is the answer?

After you have some idea as to your unique talent, I want you to take that special calling—whatever that is to you—and apply it to the following self-help exercise so that you can see how you can generate multiple streams of income from that particular vocation. This exercise is crucial for you to see the broader picture of your dream and where your dream can lead you.

Self-Help Exercise: Brainstorming Career Spin Offs

I want you to now take time to brainstorm multiple spin offs from your vocation. Isolate at least four avenues (spin offs) for multiple streams of income. See the example above (click on image to expand) that uses cooking as a person’s vocation/career choice.

After you’ve discovered your talent—your vocation—and ways to generate multiple streams of income from it, you need to “just do it.” YOU CAN DO IT! BELIEVE IN YOUR POWER.

Key Points to Remember From This Series

Four major points from this series are presented below.

1. Your deep seeded subconscious thoughts either block or create money abundance. When they act as a barrier to the accumulation of great wealth, you are likely a carrier of victim consciousness and need to heal your inner child’s faulty beliefs. All faulty beliefs, whether they are directly related to money or not, influence your overall level of abundance. A wealthy and prosperous you operates with positive, supporting thought-forms which in turn are mirrored in the environment, attracting an abundant lifestyle.

2. There are many values to ground your money decisions in. Always choose healthy values to govern how you handle money. For example, use your money to support worthy products that are tied into humanitarian driven companies.

3. Use the seven center chakra system as a map to chart your distribution of money so as to ensure that ALL ASPECTS OF YOU get financial attention. Following this systems helps to minimize financial self-neglect.

4. Set up multiple streams of coins that are spin offs from your vocation so as to extend yourself over a diversified wealth portfolio.

Remember: wealth is a mental game. Polish your cognitive faculties using the self-help exercises in this series and use your body to apply your mind’s intentions. You can CHOOSE to be wealthy and abundant and you can choose to ACT on being rich.

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I wish you much abundance on this journey called Life.

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