If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you will have noticed the demise of IndyMac, which seems to only be exacerbating financial concerns. There’s been a lot of speculation as to how far reaching this will eventually be, but for now, here are some links that will keep you covered in case you have any concerns.

  • If you’re worried about your bank, here’s FDIC 101. (Read it at Kiplinger)
  • If you’re unlucky enough to have had money in IndyMac, Xin Lu posts what to do if your bank failed. (Read it at WiseBread)
  • So you have some time on your hands and you think maybe some of what’s going on right now looks familiar. I Hate Debt has a history of Debt in America. (Read it at I Hate Debt)
  • For the quick picture version, Consumerist offers side-by-side photos of now and a hundred years ago. (Read it at Consumerist)
  • Maybe it’s just the abundance of summer sunshine that has been thinking about happiness, but Zen Habits Happiness Guide is a good bell of mindfulness for simple ways to increase your happiness. (Read it at Zen Habits)
  • And the Happiness Project offers some ways to understand what kind of shopper you are. (Read it at the Happiness Project)
  • For those anticipating L Word withdrawl  after the sixth and final season, there may be hope. (Read it at After Ellen)

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