995002_grass.jpg I love, love, love summer. Biking, rock climbing, and frisbee are bike sources of happiness in my life right now, but the best part is definitely the extended hours of daylight. It may be overcast where I live right now, but that doesn’t seem like enough to bring me down off the high that is running around barefoot in the grass.

  • With the heat though has come an oppressive humidity. Fortunately, the internet offers up some ways to save the day with recipes for delicious frozen drinks. (Read it at Good Housekeeping via Lifehacker)
  • The Olympics are coming up, bringing an out Olympian. (Read it at Edge New York)
  • Sort of like the time my friends and I protested Starbucks forcing out a local coffee shop by same-sex couples PDAing in a conservative town, this woman is using an unconventional way to express her dissatisfaction with the local Wal-Mart. She’s got some series ovaries… (Read it at Bike Forums via Consumerist)
  • Always good for analyses and graphs, fivecentnickel has offered up some interesting information about the recent raise in minimum wage. (Read it at fivecentnickel)
  • For some people, when it comes to picking their bank, the rates are more important than anything. J.D weighs in on the importance of “rate chasing.” (Read it at Get Rich Slowly)
  • After two more banks have failed, Consumerist offers up some input on when you can expect to get your money back after your bank has failed (though hopefully it won’t). My boss (Branch Manager for the bank) has said it could take 7-10 years, but Consumerist is a little more optimistic. (Read it at Consumerist)
  • One of my favorite things about summer is food, and lots of it. Leo has a primer for eating healthy, if you’re looking to get in shape over the summer. (Read it at Zen Habits)
  • More on the implications, financial and otherwise, of gay marriage in California. (Read it at Entrepreneur.com)
  • And Mombian has some thoughts to add as well. (Read it at Mombian)

Queercents Flashback: I’ve always been fascinated by religion, its impact, and homosexuality (or bi or pansexuality for that matter), but I had never thought about how religion relates to finances.