I recently talked about how pedicures don’t seem worth it to me these days and actually, most things don’t, especially when it comes to beauty. In fact mostly I try to tell you not to buy anything and at least nothing that’s not already used. But that’s so un-fun of me, so I’m here to tell you my favorite things that you probably can’t get used and some services that are really worth it. So this time at Femme Economics, I’m here to assuage your financial guilt.

Multi-blade Razors: I definitely want to go back to being hippy hairy when I see the prices on my replacement blades, but every time I use a cheaper razor on vacation, I my cut legs and then get razor bumps on my armpits. I hear they just came out with a five-blader. I swear, it just keeps getting better. Try the men’s versions, though, as they are generally just a tad cheaper (imagine that!). Or…

Sugaring Hair Removal. This is the first time I’m talking about sugaring in femme economics. I was skeptical; so much that it took me a year of thinking about it to try it. Where I live, it is often the same price as waxing and sometimes cheaper, but I assumed it was too expensive. It goes with the direction of the hair growth so it hurts less, breaks the hair off less, gives you less razor bumps and for me has caused so many fewer hairs to grow back than with waxing. Also, I don’t walk around with wax sticking my thighs together afterwards. I’d love to sugar my whole body, but at least for the bikini line this is the more self-loving answer.

Mineral Sunscreen. Be aware that the new mineral make-ups are often not enough sun protection. I have heard so many women this summer tell me that they got burned because they thought their mineral make-up was enough. It is pricey between $16 and $35 for a small bottle. And it’s hard to find one for the face that doesn’t look white (Try MyChelle), but if you can, who will be saving trips to the dermatologist as you age. Put your mineral make-up over the sunscreen for extra protection.

A Good Ceramic Flat Iron. If you don’t have naturally perfectly straight hair, this tool provides help for straightening out something you slept on, giving you a sleek look or fabulous bangs. The ceramic ones heat evenly and don’t burn your hair. It’s important to have a long chord that swivels so that you can reach around your all head and not burn yourself. I bought a Revlon one for $32 and was very unhappy because it didn’t heat evenly and had a very short chord. So, I can heartily say that the Chi (at around $90) is well worth the money if you use a flat iron once a week or more. Of course, you could buy one made of crushed diamonds for over seventeen thousand dollars, but I would say that’s probably not worth it.

The next two jive with the part of Femme Economics with is also ‘Feminist’ Economics!

Carcinogen-Free toiletries and Cosmetics: Your health is priceless. Cancer is expensive. I estimate switching your beauty products to paraben, phthalate and petro-chemical free will cost an extra $10-$30 dollars a month. Aren’t you worth it? One of the most toxic cosmetics on earth is traditional nailpolish. If you have to spend a whole extra dollar (more than OPI) a bottle on a rockin’ color from SpaEnvy, it is definitely worth it.

Non-Monopoly Toiletries and Cosmetics: Not buying big business like Proctor and Gamble and Johnson and Johnson (of which most drug store products are sub-sets). Sure, smaller companies with natural (and if you are lucky, locally made) products will be a little more expensive, but helping the smaller (look for woman-owned) companies helps our the local and national economy and that could eventually help your pocket book!

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