I see a lot of carpet remnants here in my complex – I always want to grab a few leftovers and use them, so here are a few ideas.

1. Cut down on noise – Put under a typewriter, kitchen appliance or baby bed on hardwood floor to limit excess noise

2. Lay on under the car – Carpet scraps slide pretty easy on concrete floors and they can keep you a bit warmer in a cold garage while you fix stuff on the car.

3. Catch Oil leaks – Cardboard is good, but carpet is heavier and won’t tear up as easily when driven over

4. Exercise Mat – Shag carpeting is a great exercise mat. As you stretch yourself to brink of exhaustion you have something to grab onto when you cry in agony after it’s over. {smile}

5. Shoe insert – Great for slippers and keeping your feet warm, decent for keeping your feet dry as well. May be a good idea to air out regularly as well.

6. Move heavy items – If you can tip a heavy object onto some carpet, it may be easier to move it to the location you need it.

7. DIY Cat scratch post – Why pay when you probably have all the supplies at home already. How to make a scratch post yourself.

8. Remnants in the workroom – Staple carpet to the tops of your sawhorse or ladder rungs to reduce slippage.

9. Reduce mud tracks – Place carpeting on the outside and inside of each of your doorways

10. Puzzle Pieces – Collect as many same size remnants as possible and lay them down in a room, wall to wall

11. Small pieces – place them under potted plants to catch water run off (downside: This could stink over time if not cleaned)

12. Sound-proof room – Kids play their music too loud? Have them put up carpet remnants on their walls; a side benefit, if they have an urge to bang their head against a wall, this will cut down on medical expenses. {wink}

13. Car Mats – Cut to size for the floors of your car and clean at the car wash with a high pressure hose

14. Knee Pad – Place down on the ground when you do garden weeding or clean the floor

15. Cut down on Clanking – Lay carpet down on the shelves in your kitchen to cut down on noise.

16. Traction control – Have a couple tossed in the trunk of your car for tire traction when you are stuck in the snow

17. Pet Comfort – Line a pet bed or an outdoor dog house for added cushion and comfort

18. Outdoor slip protection – Place on outdoor steps to help with footing during bad weather (downside: May not be easy to shovel)

19. Repair work – Hang onto some carpeting pieces for repairing spots

20. Covering – Use carpet leftovers to cover any cold concrete floors or muddy walk ways

Can you think of any other uses for Carpet Remnants?

Dawn C. is site owner of Frugalforlife.com where this is a repost from: Carpet Remnant Leftovers. Dawn is residing in Colorado with her spouse, Teri, of 11 years.

Photo credit: stock.xchng.