Well, you asked for it: More On Fashion! Last time on Femme Economics I talked about Butch-Femme spending on clothes. Before that I even talked about “Splurges That Make Sense”. And then the stock market crashed.  I know, mostly we’re hiding our cash under our mattresses, hiding our credit cards from ourselves and making the most of what we already own. I have been buying absolutely nothing. But, I have a new personal “economic stimulus plan”.

If Obama wins, I get to celebrate by buying myself one item of new clothing or shoes and have a $50 thrift shopping spree. If you want to join in this plan with me, here are some suggestions of femme (and not so femme!)  “timeless” things I think you should have:

1.  A Grandma Cardigan. In cable knit with large buttons or a lighter one with pearl buttons and an appliqué. Warm and cozy for the cold and can be worn with jeans, skirts, and over dresses.   Femme boys go for the “Grandpa Cardigan” which is totally stylish, easy to find at a thrift store and just about as postmodern-hip as it gets. About $10-15 at your local thrift store.

2. Black Cotton Leggings. I have about 5 pair; I heard designer Vera Wang has twenty pair, maybe you only need one. They can be worn with a long sweater. Under your summer dress or skirt with a sweater on top. Under pants on very cold days. Or pajama bottoms in a pinch. $25 from Danskin are the best quality. If you’re lucky you can find barely used ones at a thrift or consignment for $5.

3. Stylish Mid-Priced Running/Walking Shoes. It took me forever to find “cute” exercise shoes this femme was actually willing to wear. Mine are New Balance and involve the color magenta. They changed my life. I had no idea how much of my wardrobe could be “dressed down” by great sneakers. It’s so nice to have shoes that are good for your feet and can actually go from a client meeting to the gym to a walk around the lake. (Mine were $50 on sale).

4. Loafers (to go with your grandma sweater). You need these by your front door for a quick walk to the trashcan. Brown or Red for Fall. You need them so that you can so easily take them off for TSA at the airport and they’re comfortable enough to run to your gate. Best of all you can get them at any discount shoe store on clearance for less than $30.

5. A Leather Jacket can last 20-30 years. The warmest jacket I’ve ever owned. Leather is expensive but worth it and has never gone out of style.  Mine was $90 at one of those “coat factory” places five years ago. The wear and scratches it gets make me get “cool” compliments more and more each year. It’s some color in between brown and black and therefore goes with absolutely everything. Vegan is not always the best choice for jackets and shoes which can use a lot of petroleum in production and won’t last and might rip, causing you to buy more and might not be manufactured in good working conditions. As little as $80 made in the USA and as little as $35 used/consignment.

What will I be getting, you ask? Since I have those five, I’ll be looking for a:

Colorful patterned silky scarf to wrap around head or neck. Dare to be bold! Also timeless, this is sexy if you’re learning French like I am. Functional to protect your neck and ears from the cold. Helpful on a bad hair day or if going incognito. $2-$10 thrift. I might not find Channel, but maybe Christian Dior.

I dare any New York fashionista to doubt these excellent must-haves. Do you have and love any of these items? What are your affordable must-haves? What are you going to buy on November 5th?

Photo credit: stock.xchng.