If you are going for a frugal or greener drying experience and are using dryer balls, laundry softener or a dry towel to help with your drying needs in the machine. You may find that you now have an abundance of dryer sheets that you don’t know what to do with.

I have found (and tried) a few ideas that may help you use them up without throwing them out. Dryer sheets have a similar absorbing power as newspapers when it comes to odors, so you can clean and deodorize among other things:

  • Push them into your sweaty, smelly shoes and let them sit overnight to reduce the offending odor
  • Lay them out in dresser drawers to replace an old sachet and make clothing smell nice
  • Place a few in suitcases or gym bags before you re-use them again
  • Place them in between books when storing to reduce the musty smell
  • Wipe the surface of your electronics to remove static and dust
  • Loosen baked on grime when you drop one in the sink water with the pan
  • Pick up small particles that are hard to sweep, like glass, hair and sawdust
  • Dusting your blinds gets easy when you wipe them with a dryer sheet
  • Run a needle and thread between the dryer sheet to prevent tangles
  • Drop them at the bottom of your trash can before you put in a trash bag
  • Clean mineral deposits from shower doors after a shower
  • Use them as bug repellent (see also snopes list of items)

Also check out BounceSheets.com for their ideas – mostly deodorizing and some cleaning.

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Dawn C. is site owner of Frugalforlife.com where this is a repost from: Uses for Dryer Sheets. Dawn resides in Colorado with her spouse, Teri, of 11 years.

Photo credit: FrugalForLife.com.