Last week, I cut off seven inches of my hair and my partner cut hers butch-shorter than I’d ever seen on her. We shocked one another- and neither of us are used to it yet, but we both had a strong urge that “it had to be done”. And then the other day I was watching a news segment on how haircuts get shorter for men in the recession as they strive to look more clean-cut to land (or keep) that scarce job. I began to wonder if the same was true for women.

I thought I was personally just tired of finding random bits of fuzz and food in my long femme mane, but maybe there was something economically subconscious going on.

As the stock market fell in ’29 and a depression fell over our nation, women’s haircuts got very short (and men’s even shorter) and their skirts got longer- though more sleek with less fabric.

I happened to have asked my stylist who works mostly with women how business was doing in the recession. She noticed that business was wonderfully steady, noting that a “freshening” haircut would not be something women were not willing to give up in hard financial times. We all know haircuts give us a confidence boost, and these days that’s something most of us could really use.

I’ve seen ridiculous sales for just about everything these days but cheap haircuts has not been one of them. In fact, just one block away from my house, a cute hair salon just opened its doors in a strange corner building which has been vacant for years.

I am buying “nothing new in 2009”, but I’m spending plenty on services and entertainment. I couldn’t give up a new haircut (which can now be fashioned into a fabulous “stepford wife” flip. I am, however, waiting for my vegetable hair dye to go on sale. Or maybe I’m still trying to decide if it counts as the off-limits “something new” or just falls into the pile of “toiletries.” Speaking of hair color; I’ve seen a lot less of the neon punk hair these days in Seattle- is there really a correlation or is it coincidence?

I’ve also come across countless articles on women dying their hair blonde in a recession. Keeping blonde is very expensive, and the fairly short and dumb articles all said it was a confidence and mood booster having to do with attracting males. Do lesbians dye their hair blonde because other women are attracted to it? Have any of you gone blond due to the recession and do you have any insight on any real financial or job implications of dyed blonde hair?

Readers: What is going on with your hair in this recession? Are you growing it to save money on haircuts? Will you dye it less often? Have you changed your hair (taken out piercings, covered tattoos?) to get a job or find one? Please do tell!

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