From time to time, Kensington Books provides us with free titles from its Gay and Lesbian section to give away to our readers and contributors. Each book is a gay-themed work of fiction and has absolutely nothing to do with personal finance. But today I have two copies of Drama Queers to giveaway for free… and there’s nothing wrong with free (just ask any TARP recipient!).

Besides, you have the entire recession to read the latest nonfiction money books… many of which we review here at Queercents. But for now, take a breather and escape with Drama Queers by telling me why even bandos and thespians need a break from all the financial talk!

Here’s more about the book: Drama Queers by Frank Anthony Polito

Ever since Mrs. Malloy assigned us the What I Want To Be When I Grow Up paper earlier that year in her 1st hour English, my mind had been made up… I, Bradley James Dayton, will be a famous actor someday!

Meet Bradley Dayton—a wickedly funny high school senior whose woefully uncool life always seems to be full of drama, even in the sorry little suburb of Hazel Park, Michigan. It’s 1987, the era of big hair, designer jeans, and Dirty Dancing. George Michael has “Faith” and Michael Jackson still has a nose. Brad, on the other hand, has a thing for acting, and while his friends are trying to get laid, Brad’s trying to land the lead in Okla-homo! and practicing the Jane Seymour monologue from Somewhere in Time.

Sure, he’d like to get laid too, but while Brad has known he was gay forever, the rest of “Hillbilly High” is not so forthcoming. Brad’s already lost one best friend, Jack, who dropped out of marching band to step into the closet. But lately, things are looking up. Continue reading at Kensington Books.

About the Author
Frank Anthony Polito is a Brooklyn-based actor and playwright. He holds an M.F.A. in Dramatic Writing from Carnegie Mellon University, and B.F.A. in Theatre/Acting from Wayne State University. He grew up in the Detroit Suburb of Hazel Park where he was both a Band Fag and a Drama Queer. For more information:

Please comment below if you’d like a little escapist fiction to arrive with the stimulus package. I will pick two winners on Saturday!

Image credit: Kensington Books.