My friend Pam Slim at Escape from Cubicle Nation has some excellent news today.  Her Escape from Cubicle Nation book, officially hitting the shelves on April 30, is now available for pre-orders. I have been a long time fan of her most excellent blog that has a plethora of inspiration and resources for those budding entrepreneurs who would like to make the leap from cubicle dweller to business owner.

What makes today special is the extra-special offer she has going for people who pre-order the book.  Want to stretch your dollar and boost your inspiration?  Well, you can double your investment if you act fast.  Pam shares:

So starting this very minute, the first 500 people who pre-order the book and send me your confirmed order number will get another, spanking new, personally signed copy of the book as soon as it rolls off the assembly line.

That’s like a two for one special.  So you and someone else (hey I sense a  built in support system there) can enjoy the book together as you plot your future visions and plans.

The book has been getting rave reviews and Guy Kawasaki wrote the forward. It is the real deal folks. And I can personally say that Pam is one of the most supportive people I’ve ever met when it comes to LGBT folks as well.

To take advantage of the offer and get all the details here.

You can preview Chapter 1 of the book online as well.

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