Holy wedding bells, Batman – it’s week 8 of our Wedding on a Budget series and the big day is almost here! We’ve talked about almost all of the details for your wedding and the reception, so it’s about high time that we discussed money saving tips for your honeymoon.

Sharon Naylor, author of 1000 Best Wedding Bargains, offers three simple steps for saving money on your honeymoon.

1. Look at the wedding deals being offered by many airlines like American Airlines.
2. Use your AAA membership to get hotel discounts.
3. Students, military personnel and veterans might get extra discounts. Don’t be ashamed to ask.

Many tips for budget-friendly travel are applicable here. Consider traveling outside of the peak travel times in order to get the best deals. This will vary by destination. But you might want to think about taking your honeymoon separately from your big celebration. For example, my partner and I took our honeymoon before we got committed in order to get a better deal on airfare to the Netherlands. By traveling in March instead of May, we saved over $300 on our tickets.

One thing for same sex couples that most straight couples don’t have to consider is how gay-friendly is your honeymoon location? With the recent court rulings in California, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Jersey, the LA Times reports that many hotels have begun courting same sex couples and are likely to offer you a very pleasant stay. And Q Notes recently ran a story about gay-friendly wedding destinations that are off the beaten path, such as the Ozarks if you would believe it. Gay.com offers a list of several other destinations that welcome gay and lesbian couples. If you and your partner plan to get married in Massachusetts, you can register to win a free trip at LGBT Vacations.

As you can see, unless you’re dead set on spending your honeymoon in Little Rock, Arkansas (and really, who is?), the world is your oyster happy newlyweds. So book those travel plans. Stat.