Oh! Can I here the snickers and giggles now. Let’s start with a definition of a “manbag.”

You can find several at Urbandictionary.com or Wikipedia but the gist of it is a bag carried by a man that has a shoulder strap. A traditional style briefcase is technically one also but what everyone calls a manbag these days tend to be soft-sided and more along the traditional “messenger bag”, “courier bag” form.

I was googling around for “pens” (yeah I know… it’s a hobby, what can I say) when an interesting article from Britain popped up about manbags and the value of the contents and the fact that they are often not insured. While the article is 2 years old it has some interesting stats about what is the difference between men and women in what they carry. (And pens are a big thing on the men’s side so now you know why the article popped up!)

The thing that struck me was that the average value was 640 Pounds (then around $1300) not including the value of the bag or any cash (wallet) you might have stashed inside. Also the value of the contents is approximately 10-15% greater for a man’s bag than a woman’s. Go figure.

It is also not normally covered unless you have a rider on your homeowners/renters/automobile policy should it and its contents be lost or stolen. I found out that the “manbag” I carry to work is not insured unless I get an extra rider from my homeowners insurance.

I was also curious as to what the value of my stuff I carry around every day is… and it was a good excuse to clean it out too:

English style Leather briefcase/satchel from Levenger (eBayed at about half retail)… $285

Letter size leather zippered pad folio. Another Levenger item that holds papers and a notepad… $248

Pad (half letter) size leather zippered pad folio… again Levenger used for DOT required Drivers Log Book and other forms… $98

Employer supplied Nextel… $200

Remote Gate Opener I bought for myself… got to have them at work and checking one in and out daily is a pain. And mine has longer range… $20

Silverware to eat with (I hate plastic ware)…

Spoon, Fork, Knife, Strawberry Fork, Iced Tea Spoon… Wallace Grande Baroque… $625

(AAAAGGGHH!!!… I’ve had the stuff for years didn’t know it was that expensive now, I didn’t pay even a third of that!!!!…)

Pair of Sterling Chopsticks from Hong Kong… $75

Tomato Knife for cutting stuff like bread and fruit… Henckels… $125

Flashlight… LED cheapie from Auto Parts House… $3

Ballpoint Pen… Waterman LeMan 100… 20 year old eBay find… needed to fill out carbon form DOT logs… $290

Fountain Pens – we won’t count… they ride in a leather neck holder along with my employee ID.

No Phone, No MP3/IPod, No Laptop… total still comes out to… AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!… $1969

I had no idea I was toting that much around!!

Just a thing added here and there and it seems to have added up… and none of the customary electronic items most people have. I’m going to keep an extra sharp eye on it from now on since its not covered by my insurance.

So does this make you think about what you carry with you when you leave the house?

Would it really hurt (besides the inconvenience) if you had to replace everything all at once?

Photo credit: Wikipedia.