What brought this train of thought on?

Well, I had read an article on Identity Theft earlier in the day where along with the fact that such theft is committed overwhelmingly (more than 50%) by someone the victim knows, (family member, friend, or coworker), among other things it stated a victim of identity theft was 26% more likely to be female.

Later on at work (I drive a Bus hauling around college students working in the Disney College Program so I generally see the same kids day to day) and I happened to notice something that on reflection is a frequent habit among the ladies but rare among the men.

What do they do? Well, in order to ride the transportation system you have to show your Housing ID.

No less than 6 times on Saturday night a lady had to ask her lady friend for her wallet so she could get her ID… seems it is a rather common practice for the lady with the big purse to end up as the carryall for small clutch purses or wallets. (God forbid, you put anything in a pocket… it’s treated worse than panty-lines)

Once in a while same can be said for the boyfriend out with girlfriend and she has his wallet in her purse. And once in a VERY great while one man will have the others wallet in his pocket.

The thing that struck me is the ladies tend to be very trusting of others. (Age thing maybe? They’re almost all in the 18-25 category.)

Personally, I couldn’t see myself letting someone else carry my wallet… I see most men having a fit even if their Mothers picked them up let alone anyone else.

I really wonder if this trustfulness to let another woman carry their wallets has any relation to the higher incidence of Identity Theft for women. Do any of you let others carry your purses/wallets?

Do you think the risk of identity theft is too small even though more than half if it is caused by someone the victim knows?

Photo credit: stock.xchng.