Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know About Personal Finance on Just One Page” is a 49 page personal finance book. Trent Hamm at The Simple Dollar put it together to summarize the key points on personal finance.

The cover of this document tells you the whole story. Everything you really need to know abut personal finance can be summarized in just one page. Spend less than you earn. Earn more. Live frugal. Do something sensible with the difference. Control your own destiny. All of the other writing out there on personal finance is just details.

Trent has a unique style in the way he deciphers the money details and cuts through the “static” with his simplicity. Most people see the goal of personal finance as being rich:

Here’s the secret: it’s not about being rich. Having a big net worth is just an indicator of what this whole process is really about.

It’s all about freedom. Freedom from debt. Freedom from supervisors telling us what to do. Freedom to spend the time to do things right. Freedom to try out new things and follow our interests. Freedom to sleep until eleven one day, then stay up until two in the morning working on what we’re passionate about.

That’s what most people really want – I know that’s certainly what I want. Having a big bank account just means that I’m not beholden to others. I can follow my passions and dreams wherever they take me. If my job is not satisfying to me, I’m no longer tied to that paycheck – I can just get up and walk away. I can do whatever makes me happy and avoid most of what makes me sad, without regrets or worries.

It might be a bit unpleasant to substitute a Starbucks latte for a homemade cup of joe, but compared to that, how can little things possibly compare? It’s a lot of hard work to climb that mountain, but the air up there is the sweetest thing that there is.

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And a special note of thanks – Trent lists Queercents in this book as one of the twenty five essential reads for Personal Finance, Personal Development, and Career Blogs:

Queercents is actually a collective blog, including writings from a large number of writers that are all members of the LGBT community. As with many group blogs, the presence of many writers creates a great diversity of opinion and perspectives – and often you find a writer or two that you really click with (I like Nina, for example) while being exposed to a lot of ideas and angles that you would have never considered before.

I like you too, Trent! I bet you’ll like his new book too. And it’s free. How simple is that?!

Image credit: TheSimpleDollar.com.