Apparently, queers in Massachusetts missed Serena’s Queercents series about how to have a wedding on a budget. A recent survey [The Fiscal Impact of Marriage Equality in Massachusetts] looked at how much money was spent on nuptials by same-sex couples in the commonwealth over the last few years.

  • Nearly half of same-sex married couples in Massachusetts have spent $5,000 or more on wedding-related expenses, including invitations, flowers, clothing, entertainment, catering, and other related expenses.
  • Nearly one in ten same-sex couples spent over $20,000 on their wedding,
  • The average same-sex couple spent approximately $7,400 on their wedding.

The study [download PDF here at Marriage Equality Works] concludes that marriages have had a positive economic effect on the Massachusetts economy with current estimates at $111 million. That’s a lot of smack for the privilege of being able to kiss the bride. If you’re getting married in Massachusetts or other states (Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, and Maine) allowing same-sex couples to marry; then by all means enjoy the ceremony and celebration, but be sure and set a budget for the big day.

There is nothing worse than starting off wedded bliss with tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

Photo credit: stock.xchng.