I’ve succumbed to the recession. I had a sign on a corkboard in my office for seven months that said “I will not participate in the recession” and I just took it down. I finally have admitted to my little femme-housewife-wannabe self that the recession has affected my wife and I in these ways:

1. Less income for both of us.
2. Can’t sell the little house, so we can’t buy a bigger one– which means…
3. Have to put our baby plans on hold which is also because we can’t afford sperm! (more on sperm in my next  blog).
4.   Can’t afford a two-seater kayak for summer fun. Not even a used one.

My optimism, however, got me through our gorgeous wedding this month, that although decidedly frugal has left us with a little bit of debt which makes our skin crawl and makes us even further aware of the recession. My optimism about finances and the economy meant that I didn’t drive myself crazy with worry all the way through wedding planning, I didn’t skimp on any of the details which were important to us, and those are memories that last a lifetime.

“Not participating” this year also allowed me to fearlessly pay for and earn my Postpartum Doula certificate (supporting the moms of newborns), a longtime dream. So far the recession isn’t visibly affecting my new business or my life coaching practice and I am very grateful for that. Still I find myself grieving a certain “timing” I had imagined for my family and there must be a good spiritual reason for this. I just have to figure out what to do with this not moving and not baby making time.

But right now what I want to do is commiserate. I’m admitting that the situations above make me sad and especially putting off a baby- since I’ve wanted that for ten years. I’m hopeful about the second part of the year but would like to hear from Queercents readers on how the recession has been affecting your dreams. Please share!

P.S. Why are kayaks so expensive?

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