Shawn Hollenbach is a stand up comedian, improv actor and songwriter based in New York City. Shawn is the producer of Closet Cases, a Critics’ Pick from Time Out NY and a Homo Must in HX Magazine. He is also a co-producer of the Back Room and The Skip and Sparkle Variety Show at Ochi’s Lounge at Comix.

1.  How did you get started in comedy?
I started almost 6 years ago. I always wanted to do it but was afraid. I did improv for a few years and stand up seemed to be a natural progression!

2. I heard you hosted the Staten Island Pride parade. How was it?
Staten Island Pride was a lot of fun. This was only the 5th Annual SI Pride and everyone there was so excited and proud, it was really refreshing. I heard that it’s growing every year!

3.  Last month, you organized the first Miss Fag Hag Pageant.  How were you able to pull off a big event on a shoestring budget?
It was A LOT of favors. From the amazing talent like Hedda Lettuce, Michael Musto, Kathleen Fitzgerald and Hedda Lettuce to Comix being so supportive and having a fabulous director, Adolpho Blaire who can do a lot with virtually nothing.

4. Do you have any financial advice for people moving into a big city from a small town?
Just know what you’re getting into, especially when going out. A Bud Light in the city is often times $6, not $2. There are places in the city that have cheap drinks like Phoenix has $1 Draft Night on Wednesdays.

5. You live in Upper Upper Upper West side (Washington Heights). Have you tried to negotiate lower rent from your landlord?
I haven’t actually. I came in the middle of the existing lease and it’s really affordable. I wish I had a better story. I negotiated for an iPod cord on Canal Street last night. I won that battle, $20! Is that even a deal?

6. If you could no longer afford to live in New York, where you go?
EEK! Hush your mouth! I would try to live in New Jersey, first. But if that doesn’t work out, I’d move to a smaller city like Chicago or Harrisburg, PA *weeps in hands*.

7. When you were a kid, did you get an allowance?  What would you buy?
I didn’t get an allowance, we weren’t the richest family around. I had to get a job when I was 15. I bought my first car, my first pair of contact lenses and a lot of Bum Equipment shirts.

8. What is the one personal item that you always splurge on?
Is alcohol a personal item?

9. What is one thing that you feel is always overpriced?

10. If money can’t buy happiness, what can it buy?

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