We’re taking a pause over the long holiday weekend, so check back on Monday! In the meantime, the Queercents family hopes you’ll stay free from debt and carry on the path towards financial independence! Happy July 4th to our readers in the US. And to the rest, feel free to browse our archives – we have written 2,200 posts over the last few years.

My recent favorites (three excellent series) are listed here:

Financial Implosion
Alex Taylor has documented the path to bankruptcy and foreclosure (and back!) and provides readers with the lessons learned from personal financial disasters. “Climbing out of the dual financial pits of foreclosure and bankruptcy wasn’t just a matter of luck. Getting out of the pit required a combination of better decision making and planning.” Taylor hopes that by sharing this story, others will be able to make better decisions for themselves.

To date, there are 28 installments in this series – be sure and start from the beginning! It’s a fascinating story with many lessons shared.

Your Gay Best Friend Who’s Good With Money
Clint Osterholz started this video series to help Gen X and Y get their finances in order. Clint said he was tired of seeing his friends struggle to pay their bills. “I feel that a lot of people my age are terrible at personal finance. Young gays are even worse at managing money. While straight friends are building nest eggs to start a family or buy a house, many of my gay friends are blowing their paychecks on partying, clubbing, dancing, and drinking. I think it’s good to develop the sugar daddy within. Rather than having life plans that involve getting discovered, striking it rich or dating a wealthy older person; I feel my viewers benefit from practical ideas-presented from a tone that isn’t judgmental and accepts that we all make mistakes.”

Biking to Balance Your Budget
Elizabeth Byrne, the author of the series, explains that, “I had toyed with the idea of bike commuting for some time, and after confirming it was feasible, I never looked back. I’ve been bike commuting on a daily basis for some time now and as a result am in great shape, have more energy and a better outlook on life in general. I’m still astonished though at the number of people who are completely overwhelmed by the idea of biking as a mode of transportation, or even as a way of traveling more than one mile. Making the switch can be a bit of a challenge and the series sets out to demystify the ins and outs of biking and bike commuting so readers can switch from driving to riding with confidence.”


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