If you’re going to bike to work and you work at even a relatively professional place, you’re probably going to be at least somewhat concerned with keeping clean. Working at a bank, I know I do. But if you’re biking up and down hills on hot or rainy days (again, me), you’re probably going to be a little sweaty. For some readers, this may be TMI but it only becomes worse as I share more of my daily keeping clean tricks.

Dress appropriately for the ride- I like to wear clothes that are light and breathable- and then bring clothes to change into. Make sure that the bag they are in is water-resistant or water-proof. That’s a mistake you only make once. Thanks to the marvel of wrinkle-free shirts, it’s easy enough for me to fold my pants along the creases and then just shove a shirt in. If you’re worried about the appearance of your clothes on arrival, there are other options like this nifty bag.

Like I mentioned the other week, having a jacket is great to protect you from the weather is convenient for remaining relatively dry as well as dirt free if, like me, you ride on paths rather than roads. I’ve also found that on wet or muddy days, long spandex pants (is there a special name for those? tights just sound too wimpy) work well for keeping the elements off your legs.

When I get to work my routine is great my co-workers and then retreat to the bathroom where I remove my bike clothes (I warned you) and take out a bar of soap and a wash cloth that I keep stashed in the bathroom. Using the sink I scrub down, towel off and put on work clothes. Having short hair as a result of DIY hair-cuts makes my hair easy to manage. If you can’t store toiletries at work, consider investing in a toiletries case that can fit in whatever bag you use to bring your clothes to work. A friend of mine takes a slightly different tactic and relies on a shower at the gym across the street from his place of employment.

Like much of bike commuting keeping clean will be different for everybody. These are the best ways I’ve found to present as clean and professional. Everyone’s will need tweaking based on the ride and their place of employment. Do you have any tips for keeping clean while commuting? Feel free to share in the comments below. Stayed tuned for next week’s episode on basic cycle maintenance.

Photo Credit: Stock Xchng