Happy Saturday everyone. Bumming around New England was a lovely escape, even if I did get to experience mosquito bites for the first time. Couch surfing is still a great way to travel cheap and since I’m still largely intact after the mosquitos, here’s the roundup.

  • Ramit has a great article on what do you NOT care about spending money. Drawing that distinction is certainly a good way to focus on what you want to spend money on. (Read it at I Will Teach You To Be Rich)
  • Kiplinger has a list of 20 ways to waste your money. Some are obvious, but some are pretty helpful. (Read it at Kiplinger)
  • The New York times has a great post on teaching children about the financial facts of life. (Read it at The New York Times)
  • J.D. writes what he wishes he knew when he was younger. (Read it at Get Rich Slowly)
  • I don’t know what it is, but one cup of black tea at four p.m. is enough to throw off my sleep schedule for a week. WiseBread has a post on how to reset your sleep schedule in just one night, which will be handy for the next time I forget and have an afternoon cup of caffeine. (Read it at Wise Bread)

Queercents Flashback: Clint discusses how to use a credit card responsibly.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Byrne