After traveling for a month, I was definitely in need of a free date with my honey. I wanted to save cash but still have a lot of fun.  Spending up to $10.00 did cross our mind for dinner out; but we discarded that idea and went with the no money concept.

First, we walked to the Theatre Art Galleries.  It was approximately 2.5 miles – one way and took less than 30 minutes.  Admission is free. The 3 galleries are actually located within the community theatre.  They also feature a youth gallery and often have guest lecturers. 

As I took in the eclectic pieces, in Gallery A, a new appreciation for the city I call home awakened inside.  I decided to venture up to the second floor. Gallery B was closed, but the halls were littered with magnificent pieces of artwork. 

Then, the youth gallery called my name.  I immediately sat down at the “Creation Station” and tried to figure out how to draw myself.  The mirror supplied for self portraits was definitely for a child much smaller and younger than myself.  But it didn’t matter.  I still tried, in vain, to develop my profile. The most interesting thing I found out during this adventure is one of my eyes is more of a round shape, while the other is more oval. In all of my years of living,  I never noticed it before.  I really had a lot of fun!

I encourage parents to check out your area to see if these types of galleries exist for your little ones. Often times they offer free family nights or discounts on certain days. Remember, a babysitter is not always required for an evening out.

We enjoyed ourselves so much that we plan on volunteering with the theatre.  I am sure our next absolutely free date will involve ushering someone to their seat before we take in the show. 

Photo Credit: Stock. Xchng