Sometimes when I’m reading articles to use in the roundup, a theme emerges and today it just happens to be wonderfully alliterative. A lot of people seem to have credit cards and cash for clunkers on their mind and so here is this week’s themed roundup.

  • Detergents and fabric softeners often contain some gnarly chemicals. In addition to checking out Trent’s DIY laundry soap, here are some laundry tips to green your laundry. Bonus tip 5: two words, air dry. (Read it at DIY Life)
  • Sending a time sensitive email? Use vanish to give your email an expiration date. (Read it at Lifehacker)
  • There’s been quite a bit of discussion here at Queercents about the Cash for Clunkers program and now that it’s been given an extra $2 billion dollars, Wise Bread is throwing their two cents into the discussion. (Read it at Wise Bread)
  • Consumerist tackles the question of whether your credit score will suffer from you paying off and closing a credit card. (Read it at Consumerist)
  • Mint offers some “secret” credit card rewards and perks. (Read it at

Queercents Flashback: Since this week had a couple posts on credit, why not round it out with Serena’s explanation of your FICO score.

Photo Credit: Stock Xchng