Tamara’s series about Dating on a Budget has really given me some great ideas for keeping the romance alive, even though my partner and I are already committed. Just because you tie the knot doesn’t mean that the romance has to die. And romance doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Anna at Lesbian Lush has some ideas for cheap romantic gestures. For example:

Buy 5 flattering colors of nail polish and put them in a cute little gift bag . . . Buy a pound or two of gourmet coffee blends or tins of tea . . . Get her a comfy pair to wear around the house. Your place or hers.

There’s lots of other great dating advice on the site, like tips for asking that hottie out on a date, what to do if you’re dating a vegan, and suggestions for turning up the romance meter by sending a sexy (but appropriate) text message.

Romance is great, and I do love a cheap date night. But all that romance is crap if it doesn’t lead to getting some ass, in my opinion. A few weeks ago I posted some ideas for DIY sex toys, and lately I’ve been brainstorming even more ideas for keep the passion sizzlin’ without busting open the piggy bank to do it.

Sexy Tool Belt
Are you or your partner the handy butch around the house? Why not take their tool belt and convert it into something sexy for the bedroom? You could put condoms and lube in the pockets, your favorite vibrator, and some nice massage oil. Wrap it up for them as a gift, or just lay it suggestively on the pillow. They’ll get the idea. I think this would be really hawt if it’s all my partner was wearing, except for maybe a hard hat (you know . . . the whole village people look).

Bubble Bath
This is always a sexy plan, and it’s easy to get a good deal on bubble bath when stores like Bath & Body Works or The Body Shop have a clearance sale. Mix it up with a bottle of cheap wine, light a few candles, and get ready to get dirty in the bath tub.

Write Your Own Erotica
Why not put your fantasies to pen and paper and then read your steamy, hawt sex stories to your partner? You could really go hog wild here. Write about stuff that you’d never have the chutzpah to try in person, like water sports, food fetishes, or super kinky BDSM. Or you could keep it vanilla. Whatever gets your motor running – it’s your fantasy after all.

Buy Erotica at the Used Book Store
If you’re not really the writing type, used books stores usually have a wide selection of erotic novels for fairly cheap prices. I’ve even been cruised in the aisles of the used book store, so you could use this as a cheap way to meet someone new, assuming you don’t have a steady booty call at your disposal.

OK, I’m probably verging a little far left into fetish land, but feathers are totally kinky. The problem with the feather sticks that they sell at the sex shops is that they’re expensive. So why not hit up the cat toy aisle? They have feathers on a stick for under $5 at Target. Just try to find one that doesn’t have a jingle bell on it.

I would love to hear your ideas for getting sexy on the cheap. What have you done (or fantasized about doing) to spice up your love life for under $25?