This post comes courtesy of a friend of mine who runs an organic, vegan, raw food restaurant. We got to talking about biking one day and he mentioned that when he’s putting in a lot of miles he likes to make his own energy gels rather than shell out for highly processed¬† gels. The result is a tasty and nutritious snack when you’re racking up the miles on the weekend.

Vegan Energy Gels
About 40 dates, pitted
1-2 stalks of celery
A banana

In a food processor, puree dates with just enough water to create gel-like consistency. Add the celery for electrolytes and the banana for flavor and potassium to keep your muscles from getting sore. Divide the gel among whatever pouches you have that are convenient and eco-friendly. Enjoy the amazingly delicious combination of good dates and a banana.

Photo Credit: Stock Xchng