Happy Monday readers! Sorry about the late roundup. Thursday night, in the middle of my move, my computer tanked. After dealing with tech support for three days, my computer had to be wiped and then data backups transferred. Fortunately, I’m up and running again and here to give you the (now) weekday roundup.

  • Speaking of computers tanking, check out Mozy. It’s a free online backup service that will automatically back up designated files for you so you don’t have to worry about data recovery. (Free version here at Mozy)
  • Your money should be working for you. Here’s JD’s account of how to choose a bank account so you can make your money start working for you. (Read it at Get Rich Slowly)
  • College text books can be pricey. Here are some insight from Consumerist about why your textbooks are so expensive. To cut down on costs, use your library or network with other students to obtain used books. As Consumerist notes, often having an older edition makes little difference. (Read it at Consumerist)
  • Wise Bread offers ten tricks to save money with a credit card. (Read it at Wise Bread)
  • I love eBooks. There are so many options and they’re easy to transport. Now Google is offering free ePub downloads. (Read it at Lifehacker)

Queercents Flashback: It’s (still) that time of year, and if you’re experiencing zucchini overload, here’s what you can do with all that zucchini.
Photo Credit: Sonicko