Last month I had another of my podcast interviews and this time with Julie Roads of Writing Roads, LLC.   Julie is a professional marketing copywriter, speaker/workshopper and consultant with a specialty in web & blog writing and activating social media authentically to grow any business.  I first met Julie online, most likely through my writings here at Queercents. As I got to know her work more I was thrilled to get a chance to sit down and talk with her one-on-one about what it takes to be successful as a self-employed writer.

In our time together Julie shares a lot of great tips for all aspiring writers and freelancers.  She also talks about the joys and challenges of raising her kids with her wife.  Julie is a social media expert with a knack of building community online so you’ll want to check out her musings on Twitter as well.

Head on over to listen to the comfortable in your own skin podcast with Julie Roads.

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