Happy Saturday readers. I hope everyone has a fun Labor Day weekend with friends and family doing something fun and exciting!

  • NPR explains one of the reasons health care is so expensive. (Read it)
  • Xin Lu investigates trying to save money by renting textbooks. (Read it)
  • For those using debit cards, skimmers have been spotted in Taco Bell and cards stolen from people’s gym lockers in Colorado. (Read it at Consumerist)
  • For those with kids going back to school, fifteen back-to-school DIY ideas. (Read it at DIY Life)
  • Looking for a tasty end-of-summer treat? Check out this 1-ingredient ice cream. I personally though would add a date because the banana date combination is just so delicious. (Read it at Instructables)
  • Speaking of the kitchen, one of the best things you can do is invest some money in a good knife and cutting board. Gizmodo has some advice on how to buy, maintain and use a knife. I personally think that the first two are enough, if kept sharp. (Read it at Gizmodo)

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Byrne

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