Or rather does your life revolve around recharging… batteries that is.

It’s one of the hassles of modern life that people are always looking for an outlet to plug into… for the cell phone, the computer, the portable DVD player. Just about anything made today has a battery powered alternate… Black and Decker even makes a rechargeable blender so there is no excuse for not having a margarita after a 20 mile hike into the woods. (Puuuhhh…..llleease!!!)

A lot of things though take the ubiquitous AA or AAA batteries. Most of the things I carry use them… from a small Short Wave Radio (5 AA) to an LED flashlight (3 AAA). And I’m old enough to remember when there was no such thing as rechargeable batteries and how everyone griped about the cost of buying new ones.

I gripe about the cost of the rechargeables too… they average about $2.50 apiece at the warehouse club… and I seem to have a single outlet in the house dedicated to their chargers… between the remotes and keyboards and other items I think I have a good 50 batteries (about $125 worth) to keep charged and I think I’m on the low side compared to most people.

While it’s a pain in the kazoo over the long haul it’s much cheaper than the alternative as well as being good for the environment what with not throwing away piles of one-use batteries.

When you look at it how much do you think you have invested in batteries?

Is it just one more hassle of modern life you would like to do away with?

What will you do if you ever get an electric vehicle and have to remember to plug it in every day?

Photo credit: stock.xchng.