Happy Saturday everyone! It’s a beautiful day and I’ll be spending it the best way I can think of…doing homework. Ok, that’s totally not the best way I can think of (a bike ride would be way better) but apparently being a grad student takes a lot of work. Who knew? Of course, there’s always time for the roundup.

  • Mawlynnong has been touted as the cleanest and most environmentally conscious city in India. Check out how they pulled that off here. (Read it at BBC)
  • An AIDS vaccine is showing some success in Thailand. (Read it at NYTimes)
  • Today is Museum Day! That means free admission to hundreds of museums. (Read it at Lifehacker)
  • Listening is one of those important little skills that can substantially improve your business and personal relationships. Here’s are some steps to improve your listening skills.
  • Being an conscientious shopper doesn’t have to mean you go broke. Here are some tips to save green when you shop green. (Wisebread)
  • Looking to take the next step to get on track with your finances? Trent does a round up of eleven books that rise above the rest. All you need is your library card.

Queercents Flashback: Speaking of taking the next step, Helen has great way to ease into investing with the Three Minute Portfolio.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Byrne