After drawing 1.5 million page views with nearly 2,500 posts from over 50 contributors; Queercents is taking a time out.

More precisely, its leader needed a break. Since 2006, Queercents has consumed my early mornings and a good deal of my weekends, but it’s time to pass the torch to someone better equipped to write its next chapter. By the end of the year, an improved Queercents will live on, albeit without me, at a gay destination attracting 10x the traffic than we ever could.

In the meantime, we’re on pause, but our searchable archives remain with more than a few timeless ideas about money. So feel free to stick around.

Over the years, it’s been a pleasure leading a team of committed volunteers producing relevant financial content for the LGBT community. I consider Queercents a collective success because of these writers. I also extend my appreciation to Serena Freewomyn, Paula Gregorowicz and Elizabeth Byrne; each put in extra effort behind the scenes. I’m proud of our accomplishments, excellent content, brand awareness, and loyal followers… after all; a blog is only here for its readers.

And a reader I will become. And then maybe I’ll become something else. When I’m done resting. But rest assured, whatever it is, it will probably touch on the topic of money… because I like money. I like to think there’s some good in money. I hope this site helped you see the good in it too! Be well and prosper!

Queercents will be back in new form soon…