Queercents.com is back and we thought it would be good to start out with an article about money making in these tough times.

In today’s tight economy, many people are finding themselves in need of extra money due to a job loss, higher bills or other worries. While fewer people are spending, you may still find that you can bring in a little extra money online. Keep in mind that some services may charge fees and have additional costs that can reduce your overall profits. Working smart can help you make extra money off items you have around the house or simple old fashioned hard work.

E-Bay remains a popular choice for both buyers and sellers. While seller fees have risen in recent years, e-Bay remains a good option if you need to sell collectibles, electronics, or higher quality items. Small items and handmade goods sell rather poorly on e-Bay and fees may eat up your profits if the margin is slim. Avoid selling items with a poor profit margin and take advantage of flat rate shipping options offered by the US Postal Service for the most convenient shipping. You can even have packages picked up at your home if you print postage online.

Craigslist is an excellent choice whether you need to sell something or offer a service. Be sure to carefully read the terms of use and make sure that your ad is acceptable. Furniture, cars, boats, clothing and household goods can all be sold via Craigslist. You can also offer up cleaning services, yardwork, home maintenance or any skill you may have that someone else can use. Consider offering skills for both cash and trade. You may be able to swap house cleaning for hair cuts, yard work for a new television or computer repair services for car repair.

Small scale service businesses remain a good source of side income. Consider your marketable skills. While today’s economy is tight, home organization, cleaning, and party planning can still be profitable if your prices are reasonable. Baby sitting, pet sitting or elder care are also necessary businesses even in a tight economy. Computer repair, car repair and handyman services are also in need. You may want to make simple flyers and post them on bulletin boards in your community, as well as in local online resources. Collect references or examples of your skills if at all possible and market yourself well for success. While it’s unlikely you can make a significant income, these options can help provide a critical financial cushion.